meet evo


meet evo

Our history...

Evo was established in 1998 by Lucy Found and Neale Hurren

Since this time, the company has enjoyed a steady organic growth, we now employ a talented group of individuals with a passion for recruitment. Evo offer a comprehensive range of services to a variety of industries. We supply around 500 temporary staff per week, many of whom are on long term contracts. We provide onboarding and payroll services to a number of organisations who engage the services of over 5000 new starters each year.  Finally, we offer a full Search and Selection service specialising in multiple sectors.

Evo were joined in 2016 by Mel McDowall.  Mel’s team deliver an intelligent, informed Search and Selection service covering a range of industries.

Evo offer a unique approach to recruitment.  We combine commercialism with integrity, diplomacy with absolute honesty, we are competitive, determined and at all times professional.

Evo’s approach is to develop long term partnerships with our clients to ensure the service we provide is highly personal and tailored.  We have worked with many of our clients for well over a decade and some for nearly two! 

We do not specialise in sectors but have developed particular strengths over the years in many. Our strength is our commercial experience which allows us to understand and interpret client needs and ensure candidates are perfectly matched and superbly briefed. 

Evo are ambitious, we are fiercely competitive.  We are committed, responsive, tenacious and persistent and this guarantees we beat our competition time and time again. 


The Team

The Team

The Directors

Neale and Lucy set up Evo in 1998.  Their vision was to provide a broad range of recruitment services to a handpicked client base delivered by a talented, motivated, passionate team.   

Lucy had an extensive recruitment background gained in an international environment.  Neale’s experience is essentially project management and compliance.   This potent mix of skills has ensured Evo have been able to consistently deliver for both large and small campaigns from attraction through to selection and onboarding.  

Neale and Lucy have now been joined by Mel, a Search professional with a formidable network and an impressive knowledge of a number of vertical markets.


Lucy found

Lucy is Evo’s Ops Director.  She brings a wealth of experience in campaign planning, in depth knowledge of the nuances of the UK’s labour and recruitment markets together with an astute understanding of the relevant employment and HR legislation.  Lucy is also our contract specialist, our lead in business development and an expert in all things payroll!


neale hurren

Neale is our Finance Director.  Among other things, he works closely with clients to ensure accurate and achievable recruitment budgets are established and managed, he ensures our adherence to all HMRC deadlines and manages the complex business of cash flow within our organisation.   In addition to his finance work, Neale keeps his role connected by continuing to oversee all Evo’s industrial contracts across the UK.


mel mcdowell

Mel is Evo's Director of Search & Selection. She leads her team in providing a consultative and head hunting approach to a variety of organisations from start up to global brands. Mel has a superb pedigree in recruitment having worked for some of the UK's most prestigious recruitment organisations, she has extensive on site in house experience and is competent delivering on both both small specialist roles up to CEO level or on large national high volume campaigns.

Meet some of the team

2018-06-12 17_29_15-EVO RECRUIT.gif

Mark Bedford

Mark is a warm, upbeat and extremely open member of our team. His background in fundraising and recruitment has prepared him perfectly for his role with Evo.  Mark is extremely conscientious; he cares deeply that he gives his clients the best service possible and has achieved superb results since joining us in 2016.

Mike Udalov

Mike heads up our F2F Fundraising team. Having spent 10 years working in fundraising, he brings a unique insight into the roles for which he recruits and into the potential motivations for applying for the roles. Mike is a creative, charismatic leader whose passion for the charity sector is apparent in everything he does. 


Filip Schwarz

Filip’s skills are almost too diverse to describe, he is a superb recruiter, an exceptional project manager, a skilled payroll technician and has recently revealed a major talent for head hunting.

Magda Daunton

Magda is the engine that keeps Evo running.  She pulls each element of the business together each week to ensure everybody is paid accurately and on time and equally, that all clients are billed! Having worked in a variety of roles within the business, she has the benefit of knowing everything about everything.  She is fanatical about process and detail, has an incomparable memory and an immaculate desk!!!


Antonia chappelow

Antonia is a lively and vocal member of our account management team.  She is a high achiever with boundless energy and enthusiasm.  Her ability to quickly establish and build relationships with her clients and applicants is impressive and her photographic memory is both endlessly entertaining and incredibly useful! Antonia joined Evo mid 2018 but after only a few weeks we knew she was made for us! 


Ziggy and froggy

Ziggy and Froggy are engaged as Evo's motivational coaches!  Here they are pictured atttempting to talk a squirrel down from a tree. Impossible to feel down with these two tearaways keeping you company!