Working for Evo is not like working for other agencies.  At Evo you can expect to work with a consultant who understands you and the sector in which you wish to work.  You will enjoy a warm relationship with our team who will know who you are, what you do and will take a real interest in how you are getting on. 

Evo take a real interest not just in the assignments our workers carry out, but in their longer term career plans.  We have countless examples of individuals who have progressed into management roles and beyond with our input and assistance.  

“I started my career within fundraising with evo almost 2 years ago.... its been the journey of a life time! I’ve never felt more encouraged, supported and guided in any other job. From my very first contact with Jade I knew it was the path I was going down. Jade, Magda and Mike are like family now, always putting my needs as a person first and always looking out for me in a very professional way. ... Evo are the way I would advise anyone to go”
— Evo Employee

Terms of Engagement

Evo offer two types of contract depending on the type of assignment in which you are working. Both types of contract are fully compliant with UK legislation and include all the usual benefits such as holiday pay, statutory sick pay, SMP and SPP together with automatic enrolment into our pension scheme.

Our terms of engagement allow total flexibility whilst ensuring your rights are protected and you are operating within a structured and transparent framework. 

Please click here to download and view our Contract For Services With Agency Worker


Weekly Payroll

Evo pay all workers weekly each Friday directly into individuals bank accounts.  Payslips are sent out each week on a Wednesday or Thursday via email.  All payments and any deduction such as tax or national insurance are shown clearly on the payslip.  


Don’t think I could fault this lady in any way whatsoever! I have had jobs in the past where the Payroll Department couldn’t give two hoots about your pay! But not the lovely Mrs Daunton and team.

There has been times when I have been stuck and literally Magda has went out her way to help me out. You don’t get that anywhere! I know she has a tough job and if I ever have any problems with my pay (once in 2 years and had nothing to do with evo) this lovely lady had it sorted with in 15 minutes. #legend. You know you are in great hands when you receive a 5 minute phone call about holidays that turns into a 15 minute chat about just life in general. Easy, laid back, extremely lovely. Definitely think she’s like my 5th favourite human ever on this plant.

Just love her to bits #wonderwoman
— Alan Bowie, Senior Team Leader, Glasgow



Evo have a pension scheme which is fully compliant with Pension Regulator legislation.   All eligible staff will be enrolled after a standard three month postponement and Evo will make the statutory contributions. Our pension fund is look after by Nest Pensions. 

Referral Bonus

It has become abundantly clear over the years that good people know good people!  We are therefore very keen indeed to have job seekers referred to us. 

We offer a very attractive referral bonus scheme for referring certain categories of worker including fundraisers, candidate for permanent placement and many others.

If you have a friend, or just somebody you know who may be interested in working for Evo, please either call us or fill in the contact below:

I would like to introduce *
I would like to introduce
I have referred lots of people to Evo over the years for fundraising roles. I have been told straightaway if they get a job and the vouchers have come as promised shortly afterwards. Dealing with Evo is always a pleasure!
— LG, long term worker - Leeds

Gender Pay Gap Report

Gender Pay Gap Report

Click here to download a PDF report on gender pay gaps at Evolution