Data Management, Protection and Confidentiality

As a client of Evo, or as an individual who comes to us through the recruitment process, you will want to know that we treat all personal information gathered in the course of our work with the utmost consideration and care it deserves. We have a fully tested and managed IT system in place that safeguards against the many possible scenarios where data could be at risk and where the smooth running of our business could be adversely affected. 

Our IT is managed by a local company who can, if needed, be on site at very short notice.  Most of the time their work is proactive and helps to ensure that we can readily store, access and process data that’s required in our day to day work. They help us comply with the requirements of keeping personal data safe and secure. Data is encrypted through much of the handling process and is always stored in an encrypted form at military grade standards. In the event that we have a systems failure, data can  be retrieved and machines can be installed and configured within hours. This is augmented by our use of cloud services that make much of the data we work with available for processing on a 24/7 basis. 

To download the Evolution Recruitment Data Protection Policy please click HERE.

To download the Evolution Recruitment Data Protection Procedure document please click HERE.


We’ve been providing IT support for Evo for over 10 years now, and they have always had a no-nonsense approach and a clear vision which fits well with the way we work. We’ve been able to help them roll out their workload to the Cloud and integrate with their clients in a productive and sensible way. At all times Evo have been a pleasure to work with, staying calm and clear-headed in those inevitable moments when an IT man needs his client to take a back seat, and getting fully involved in the discussions and implementation necessary to stay ahead in our constantly evolving technological age.
— Bobby Found. You Me and IT Ltd.